Samuel & Sons

Samuel & Sons


Samuel & Sons has been the gold standard in passementerie since its founding in 1945 in New York City. Coveted for the finest quality trimmings, Samual & Sons offers tassels, borders, braids, gimp fringes and more. Innovation, variety and stock availability are a few of the reasons interior designers and architects have come to rely on Samuel & Sons.


Exclusive collections are introduced regularly featuring a wide array of materials such as silk, wool, grass and wood. Over 15,000 trims are currently in their offering which are eagerly sought after by interior designers and architects. 


Atlanta Draperies carries the full catalog of Samuel & Sons tassels, trims and borders. Please contact us for pricing samples and stock information.

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Our story

Atlanta Draperies has been serving Interior Designers and their Clients since 1999.

We create beautiful products to grace the castles our clients call home.

Atlanta Draperies provides the finest quality Drapery, Bedding, and Accessory Design, Fabrication, and Installation.

In 2015 we moved into the Tilly Mill Professional Center.

In 2019 we opened Atlanta Draperies in a new street-level studio in the same center.