1. an alphabetical list of terms or words found in or relating to a specific subject, text, or dialect, with explanations; a brief dictionary.

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Bracket to Bracket

Euro Pleat 

Faux Silk

Goblet Pleat

Horizontal Repeat

Inverted Pleat


Pattern Repeat

Pinch Pleat

Vertical Repeat


Solution Dyed


Our story

Atlanta Draperies has been serving Interior Designers and their Clients since 1999.

We create beautiful products to grace the castles our clients call home.

Atlanta Draperies provides the finest quality Drapery, Bedding, and Accessory Design, Fabrication, and Installation.

In 2015 we moved into the Tilly Mill Professional Center.

In 2019 we opened Atlanta Draperies in a new street-level studio in the same center.